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Managing Editor ANNE PROWELL

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Supporting bicycle-friendly communities through local advocacy, education and increased ridership. Distributed to members and supporters quarterly.





Official Visitors Guide


Yellowstone, The Official Guide The exploration and establishment of Yellowstone marked a revolution in man's relationship with nature. For the first time, at the park's founding, eternal preservation of our most remarkable landscapes became a common national goal.


Incredible Yellowstone

Rumors of a fearsome, almost mythical valley where geology defied the laws of nature circled the continent for years. Situated off-trail in extreme climes, Yellowstone resisted verification but it was never an intentional secret. Natives, trappers, explorers and miners all grew wide-eyed and urgent in the telling, but with the same result. Such a landscape, strewn with adjectives, was just too strange to believe.





Interactive Web Writing Project

A friend once gave me a trick pen that embodies the conflict in producing commercial art. With a nib at each end, the pen illumes ART on the barrel if used in one direction, or inverted it glows with COMMERCE. The only way to get the combination to shine is to hold the pen level and inert.

If you are managing a creative commercial project, coaxing this hybrid through production and into life, you know the dilemma. You stand between lions and tigers daily. Artists and marketing MBAs, poets and engineers, musicians and lawyers, programmers and actors are all on the set, tossing manes and tails around in magnetic opposition. However jazzed they are about their role in the project, they're also utterly baffled by a counterpart's brain. And wary of motives they don't understand. This dazzling mix of people would never congregate on their own and if you threw a party for them, it would be over at nine. But you— the producer, creative director, managing editor —have been commissioned to forge a bond here and hold it through gestation until this profitable child is launched.

If you're good, you understand both species, their motivations and the technicalities of their expertise. You're of the mix and above the fray diplomatically, yet you need much more than a harmonious and stablized team. You want speed and muscle. New heights! You need balance at the fulcrum of the see-saw with airborne thrills in the seats.




Guerilla SEO Guide by ANNE PROWELL

Man's Search for God. . I mean, Google.Bye-bye, Brains.

1. Simplify what a robot must understand.

Artificial Intelligence is good at handling quantity, as Google's branding team aptly observed, but AI skills at literary metaphor are about even with the Homo Habilis. When a site listed on the "old" Google/DMOZ was reviewed, it was for the visual result of the hidden coding — the actual screen content. Now, instead of viewing a page, the robots can only scan the coding itself. Aside from being deaf, dumb and blind, they have the attention span of a mayfly, so give them text and put the best stuff first. A title with two keywords, a set of well-written meta tags, and then a level-one header. (But, please, out of respect for human evolution, never really use an H1 header on a page.*[ tip #1])

In general, reduce the amount of coding on any page, which means better use of Stylesheets and separate Javascript files. The beast is functionally illiterate. Even a wordy comic strip will tax his frontal lobe.

Coding Tricks:

#1.The easiest solution is <h1><font size=2>Big Deal </font></h1>.

Or redefine the size of H1 in CSS:   h1 {font-size: 110%;}


KomputerEd Tools

Series of Basic Programming Manuals for Teens

Copywriting by ANNE PROWELLl

KomputerEd Tools helps teachers prepare students grades 7 — 12 for the challenge of The Electronic Century. We want more high school graduates equipped for the rigors of a college engineering program and, ultimately, for a technically sophisticated career.

Our mission at KomputerEd Tools is to accomplish this by raising the level of programming skills across the nation. Demand for computer programmers in the U.S. over the next ten years is expected to rise 50%, with 300,000 new programmers needed. Starting salaries for software engineers will be in six figures! We want to get kids excited about this future and we know that challenge begins with the tools and the teachers.

Designed by a professional programmer and teacher, our tools combine the latest standards and methods of both professions. The problem-solving method we use enhances critical thinking skills, improves reading, writing and communication skills, and promotes problem solving using the computer. Our course structure makes it easier for students to grasp key computer programming concepts. It's visual, fast-paced, interactive and fun!


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