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Where the Intra and Extra Overlap

We were a three-person writing team, charged with filling the Nextera Interactive website front to back. The samples above are from the Careers section and the Client Case Studies. Nextera was in the business of technology consulting services. Below is a promotional piece on the company itself.

Everyone is talking about convergence. Telecommunications, computing, entertainment, the Internet—put them all together, and a vision of the 21st century emerges. Even so, convergence itself remains much more a metaphor than a marketplace phenomenon. Significant technical obstacles remain. More importantly, consumer demand is unpredictable. Although everyone is talking, most companies have yet to articulate a compelling business rationalization for convergent products.

Nextera Interactive—with its leading-edge experience in the technology arena, a world-class team of strategy and business consultants, and a creative studio of product development experts—offers its clients the level of insight and invention demanded by the emerging terrain of convergent media. Whether engaged as an incubation partner or as a strategy provider, Nextera Interactive believes that new models of business require synergy with a customer's legacy business and culture. At the same time, market pressures of the net economy demand urgency in both the formulation and mobilization of new ventures. Our strategic alliances and innovative partnerships in the vendor community ensure that our clients receive state-of-the-art solutions.

The telecommunications industry arguably has the most to gain in a convergent world-but certainly has the most to lose as well. For traditional carriers, and especially the Baby Bells, the traumas of deregulation and acquisitions are not nearly as daunting as the massive shift to digital telephony. Even as long distance price wars continue to escalate, these companies are struggling to reinvent their primary business model and are scrambling in the hope of some day making it operational.

Nextera Interactive's strategy group joined the executive management team of one of the Bell companies and led a six-month program to address these enormous challenges. Following a thorough review of the competitive landscape and the emerging business and technology challenges, Nextera Interactive and its client isolated three strategic initiatives as prerequisites for the firm's survival and growth as a leader in telecommunications.

One of these initiatives required an unprecedented mobilization of the firm's wide-reaching (but autonomous) business enterprises. It included voice, broadband, cellular, net services, consumer electronics, and directory assistance. Nextera led the senior business and engineering managers of these disparate but interdependent groups to develop an overarching strategy to support dramatic growth in the e-business sector. These initiatives laid the vital foundations for a groundbreaking assault on emerging markets including unified messaging, broadband services, and IP-based telephony.

This 10-week effort yielded a world-class technology architecture and implementation strategy centered on the emerging Internet database technology of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directories. With the well-orchestrated involvement of company-wide decision makers, Nextera designed not only a revolutionary technology infrastructure, but one that could:

  • meet the needs of the entire enterprise in its decades-long struggle to achieve a common view of its customers
  • enable its customers to enjoy a coherent view of the enterprise
  • be deployed immediately as the central engine for a groundbreaking e-business property with projected first-year revenues approaching $50 million.
By identifying a convergent business opportunity, Nextera enabled the client to effectively fund a vital capital investment, simultaneously capturing a promising market - before its competitors could realize either goal.